SEO and Local Search Optimization

SEO and Local Search Services

A great looking website full of well written content is a good start. But, this does you no good if your potential customers cannot find it. Today, with so many competitors using the Web to find the same customers, you need an advantage. Expert SEO and Local Search provides just the edge you need to turn your web presence into a money making web business.

Organic Search Engine Ranking Improvement

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad term used to describe a large collection of methods that, when applied correctly, ensure a website’s content show up in search engine results pages (SERPs). Basically, good SEO optimization of a website makes sure the site is found by a desired audience. Why invest in SEO vs Pay Per Click (PCP) advertising on search engines? With PCP you spend money every time a person clicks your ad, even if they are not interested in your offering. You end up with high volume, typically low quality, and high cost per lead. With good organic SERP you get high quality, higher volume, low cost leads. This scenario is win win for business owners. PCP can yield faster results at higher prices. But, SEO earns long term high quality leads at a low cost. 

What are the most important SEO ranking factors? There are hundreds of factors to implement when building an SEO optimized site, here are a few of the biggest items we focus on: Accessible URL, Site Maps, Bot Friendly, Page Speed, Mobile Friendly, Domain Age, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain URL, Optimized Content, Technical SEO, User Experience, Inter Site Links, Back Links, Social Signals, Relevant Business Information, Quality Content, Keywords, Search Phrases, Media utilization, Content Depth, Crawlability, Duplicate content, Https / SSL, Structure, Titles, Descriptions, Headers, Whitehat / Blackhat, Structured Data, and Rich Data Cards.

Local Search

Are you wondering what “Local Search” and how can it benefit your business? Local Search refers to Search Engine Results targeting users looking for goods and services near them. This is an ideal focus for companies that need to tap the customer market geographically close to a given location.